Webinar 4 - Spring 2021. 28 May @ 0900 hrs (UK)

Webinar 4 - Spring 2021. 28 May @ 0900 hrs (UK)
Implementing the AMEE Consensus Statement on Planetary Health and Education for Sustainable Healthcare

Michelle McLean, Bond University, Australia, Trevor Gibbs, AMEE, Scotland, Caroline Wellbery and Kathleen Leedham-Green, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA.
Date: Friday 28 May 2021

First presentation: 0900 hrs (UK) 

The problem will be identified, i.e. the ecological crisis our planet is facing and its impacts on health and well-being. This webinar will outline AMEE's support for sustainability which has led to the development of a Consensus Statement on Planetary Health and Sustainable HC education. The CS is a guide for HC educators as it offers suggestions in terms of learning outcomes, activities and assessment as well as providing a range of useful links for various resources that can be used. Practical examples will be provided.

Most HP curricula do not include planetary health or sustainable health care. The current generation of HP students need to be prepared for dealing with a different world but more importantly need to be a part of the solution through leadership and innovation.

Educational Needs to be Addressed:
How to integrate planetary health and sustainable healthcare into the various HP curricula as this will be new for many educators.

Aim/Learning Objectives:
Inform HP educators of AMEE's support for planetary health and sustainable healthcare education and how to use the Consensus Statement to integrate relevant content in the curriculum. Practical examples will be provided.
Format and Interactivity:
Three 'live' presenters (Trevor, Michelle and Kathleen) and one video (Caroline). Participants will be encouraged to identify challenges and strategies for implementing recommendations in the Consensus Statement within their context, which will be summarised and shared at the end. Participants will also be invited to join a network of educators for planetary health and sustainable healthcare.

Anticipated Outcomes:
Discussion about how the CS can guide the integration planetary health and sustainable healthcare into health professions curricula, with practical examples. Networking and collaboration opportunities as well as raising awareness of how sustainable healthcare (or lack of) affects health. Participants will have:
1. Explored and reflected on the Consensus Statement and curricular examples.
2. Identified challenges and strategies for its implementation within their context.

Target Audience:
All HP educators; students; curriculum developers.

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28/05/2021 09:00 - 10:00

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