Webinar 3 - Spring 2021. 7 May @ 1200 hrs (UK)

Webinar 3 - Spring 2021. 7 May @ 1200 hrs (UK)
Integrating Patient Safety into the Training of Healthcare Professionals

Yannick G. Eller, Centre for Medical Education, University of Dundee, UK, Bhuvaneshwari Mohankumar, Department of Medical Affairs, National University Hospital, Singapore, Robin Newton and Douglas Paull, Clinical Learning Review Program, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, USA.
Date: Friday 7 May 2021

First presentation: 1200 hrs (UK) 

Temporal trends have demonstrated that rates of inadvertent patient harm during medical care are not decreasing. Common root causes of adverse events include poor communication and human factors. knowledge acquisition and skill development in these areas are often sub optimally integrated in undergraduate (UME) or graduate medical education (GME).
This webinar series will explore approaches to patient safety education from around the world.

Education Needs to be Addressed:
This webinar will address the gap in patient safety knowledge and skills within current UME and GME curricula

Learning Objectives:
Students will learn how to bolster their leadership and better engage with class leadership and educators during this pandemic; and leaders how to adapt to future educational crises from our perspectives. Educational leaders, teachers, and medical students should join us on this one-off AMEE open-dialogue webinar.

Several medical school class presidents will share their experiences and advice in a live Q&A café to help future leaders and administration learn how to engage student leaders during challenging times effectively.

Aim/Learning Objectives:
1. Summarize the content and available resources for patient safety curriculum including a systems approach to unsafe conditions and adverse events; teamwork and communication skills; and an understanding of human factors.
2. Apply a framework for patient safety curriculum delivery based on format (e.g. didactic, case studies, online, simulation, real experience) and learner level.

Format and Interactivity:
Zoom call using shared screen slide presentation; real time polling with questions and answers, Q & A session.

Anticipated Outcomes:
Participants will be able to outline the content areas and identify resources for a modern, universal patient safety curriculum and describe a model for the delivery of the curriculum using escalating experiential formats.

Target Audience:
Medical educators (UME, GME, both); patient safety and quality improvement officers; clinical faculty; physicians; nurses; allied health care professionals; administrators.

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07/05/2021 12:00 - 13:00

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