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ESME (Essential Skills in Medical Education) is a high-quality online course for teachers in the healthcare professions. Based on the original 12-week course, ESME-flexi is a self-paced, introductory level course, aimed at those new to teaching, and at teachers with years of experience who would like to deepen their understanding of educational principles and practices. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to draw on your own experiences as a teacher and a learner, and the... Details
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From East to West: Realising Cross-cultural implications on professional development and faculty development. This webinar presents two prominent scholars who will explore FD through cross-cultural context. It will be started by discussing the professional development from different culture and its implication in medical and health professions education and closed by further explorations of the cross-cultural implications in faculty... Details
When: June 26, 2023
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Spotlight on AMEE 2023

When: June 27, 2023