Institutional Membership

Who can apply?

Medical schools, university departments, private or governmental statutory bodies or organisations related to healthcare professions education, regional associations of medical education.


AMEE Membership Benefits:
  • Join an international network of teachers, trainers, educators, students and organisations committed to encouraging excellence in teaching and learning in the health professions;
  • Promotion of institutional activities through MedEdWorld and AMEE Newsletter;
  • Access to MedEdWorld Resources including archived webinars;
  • Discount on AMEE Annual Conference (3 affiliates for Institutional and 6 for Premium Institutional)
  • Discount on exhibit at AMEE Conference
  • Discount on AMEE-ESME course registration (3 affiliates for Institutional and 6 for Premium Institutional)
  • Discount on Aspire to Excellence submissions
  • Discount on AMEE guides and 20% off Elsevier Books
  • Nomination of an individual for the Miriam Friedman Ben-David New Educator Award
  • Nomination of an individual to AMEE Committees (when vacancies are advertised)
  • Vote at General Assembly (3 votes for Institutional and 6 for Premium Institutional) 

Institutions that hold AMEE memberships now have their own accounts which are managed by institution administrators. Institutional and Premium Institutional membership requires an administrator to allocate benefits to individuals within their institutions.

The individuals that receive these benefits are known as Affiliates.

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Institutional membership fee - £250

Institutional Premium membership fee - £550


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